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black and white photography
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This community is for posting black and
white photography and discussion of black and white photography only. All photos
posted should be your original photographs. They should also have been shot using
real film, not digital. (if you want to post digital
black & white photography shots, I recommend checking out the community dbwphotography,
which is basically the same as our community, only digital. So take your digital
photos there. Thanks )
They should be true black and white photos.
Hand coloring is OK, toned photos are OK.


1: Your photo must be no larger than 600px wide or 500px tall.
If you want
to post a larger picture, put it behind a livejournal cut. If you do not know
how to use a livejournal cut, please see this
section of the livejournal FAQ

2: If you are posting more than one photo, only post one that will be
viewable on the page and put the rest behind a livejournal cut.

3: This is a community for black and white film photography only. You
do not have to submit proof or anything, but I am trusting that if you are going
to post something here it has been shot with black and white film, not a digital
camera or color film converted to black and white in photoshop. Once again,
please submit digital shots to dbwphotography, NOT HERE!

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you can email me, or reach me on AIM. My screen name is "sarah is sarahy".
Please do NOT leave comments on my livejournal asking
things about this community or asking for posting access. I probably won't see
them, and when I do, I'll be annoyed.